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I feel like I am on an emotional rollercoaster as well. Oh, and he flirts like mad. I know that he cares for me, he tells me often how much he adores me and shows me in a myriad of ways how he loves me. I do not get it! He tells me he adores me and then looks at other women. I want this to last but I have to give him lots of room to peruse with his eyes. I guess I do not mind, because he has a brilliant mind and an amazing personality and I find him dizzyingly intellectual and wonderful on so many levels both physically and mentally.

That I am to its truest sense! Been with Gemini man for 5 years! His flirtatious behavior and manipulative nature coupled with a constant need to be entertained makes for an internal battle with himself. But after my psychological breakdown of my guy, I find that after all is said and done He wants and yearns for the same as me - to be loved unconditionally.

The connection we have is unexplainable. He does zone out at time, and I often wonder if I am pursuing this relationship by myself, but after reading your blog, I don't feel so isolated anymore. But I am at a crossroads, is he worth the effort Its a funny question, but does a Gemini really know what they want? I am a Taurus woman in a current relationship with a Gemini Man.

Taurus Man And Taurus Woman: Nature Of Bonding

Id have to say I thought I was the only one who felt that this man has 2 many female friends and his personality does change daily. I can understand and he doesn't want to get bored with me. He is very smart and I see the world differently after being with him for a year so far.

Taurus & Pisces: Love Compatibility

I do try and keep him entertained, he loves video games, but damn it ill never win in an argument. He drives me up the wall but like you other girls I go crazy being away from him. We have a high intellectual level with each other. I know him like a book and he will never figure me out lol. Hang in there Taurus women! I asked a Gemini guy to define poor relationship and now it feels like he is pulling away, what should I do now? Let him go or just give him his space? We have a very strong connection. I'm a Taurus girl and I recently met a Gemini guy a few days ago and he brought me over to his place because we had sooooo much in common.

I didn't either, now I find myself "in love" I guess you could say infatuated with him. I also told myself I would never again get back with a Gemini guy. I don't want to scare him off like I did the other guys but he has noticed my "ways". I can tell. I am a Taurus girl and I am dating a Gemini man. We've only been together for just over a month and he drives me crazy.. In a good way.. I do agree with the roller coaster ride.. He is very clever and fun Then he is super quiet and keeps to himself.. He absolutely loves to cuddle and make me happy..

He is an amazing lover I'm 28 and Have never felt this good kissing anyone then I do with him.. Plus he is amazing with my daughter and animals :. I was in a 6 year relationship with Gemini who left me, Taurus, with no indication of a problem, for a bi-sexual Gemini female. We had never really ever had a fight. I guess I missed the signs. We saw each other every week, usually weekends he slept over or I stayed a night at his place. One weekend he kept texting me saying he would see me later that he was busy Got to go for my regular Monday nite.

Arrived at the same time he did, before he had a chance to get into his place I arrived. Went to the bathroom and all my cosmetics and personals were gone. He had removed sheets from his bed and a towel and bath cloth was hanging where mine would have been. Long story short, he said he was seeing someone else, our relationship was now platonic and handed me my things in two plastic bags.

The bastard gave other warning and simply stated he was moving on with someone else. I was told her name and happen to know of her and that she was lesbian. I asked me a few days later why a lesbian for me. He claimed he did not know it That was August, its now January. Its not a secret to her family, whom I know and some of her associates. Can't figure this Can't function. He didn't know I would be so upset???????

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Love Compatibility

Why wouldn't I. I am recovering but have not had the interest or energy to move on. The sooner the better, because due to his intellect, charm and sexual appeal we think we are 'in love' and fall deeper each day. The next thing you know is that you are stuck with him and can't leave. I'm still trying to leave. You think he is the 'One' and that you have this amazingly deep connection.

It is something with a Gemini man- Taurus woman pair, that makes all of us to believe it. In the end, you end up heart broken with a psychosis and never wanting to date again OR working like a horse trying to keep him entertained. AND it doesn't get any better! Go for a Virgo or Capricorn. We want to feel like a woman and be appreciated for our home-making skills.

Taurus woman is traditional and romantic. We think we'll get what we want with Gemini, but it is all an illusion. They are also the most likely sign to cheat. Do you really want that? So my story Being understanding, supportive, etc Despite the break-up, he keeps calling and we continue the contact, he says he can't even imagine sleeping with another girl, we are back together, then the SAME thing.

I feel like a toy!!!

It will never end well. He'll keep making you feel like he'll change and with time, he'll be more stable and committed. Don't believe it and when you see a Gemini man, run the other direction. He can only be happy with a Libra or a Aquarium, because they also love freedom and themselves more than their partner. So selfish! With sex, love and everything good. I'm trying to get my life back together and gather the strength to push him away 4EVER. Anyone of any sign can cheat. While Gemini's may or may arguably be the most likely sign to do so that doesn't mean that any individual one will.

If both signs can actually tolerate each other while da same time communicating with each other while da same time come to an understanding. Y'all gem dudes know y'all be wanna freak them Taurus females.. I am a Gemini man with a Taurus woman. I love her dearly I've been with her for a year and half She is very nice and decent and she fell in love with me first. I sometimes think how life would be without her. And I have my say, it would be very boring.

Mine and her relationship is literally a rollercoaster, something that I'm fine with. She is slowly getting on it to don't worry. So girls relax not all Gemini men are flirtatious, I know I am but I flirt with my girl and not anyone else I've seen a lot of love in her eyes for me and as for the sex life I am a Taurus woman and I dated a Gemini man for about 8 months.

What is it about Gemini men that attracts, us? My Gemini and I broke up about 4 months ago and I still can't get him off my mind when actuality I should have been let him go. The first 6 months ofbour relationship was heaven, we had fun together, romantic, laugh, just loved each other. The last two months, I felt like I was in a relationship with a different person, I felt like I didn't know him anymore. We broke up because he felt like he couldn't give me the time that I needed and I still miss him dearly! I have been pursued by a Gemini man but I must add that I have Venus in Gemini and also the North Node - planet of reincarnation, and he has Venus in Taurus and we both share a Aries Moon who I have also had strong feelings for too and when we are together we just instinctively understand each other.

Everyone thinks I'm a Gemini because I'm so much like him lol and vice versa. He really comes on strong and I like that, yet at the same time it's all light and mercurial which I also need because when things get too heavy I run, so I do dare say we are a perfect match, or a match made in Heaven, and that mirrors the opinion of everyone who knows us! I have been dating a Gemini man for a few months now. We've known one another for a couple years and threatened to show one another a good time for some time now.

Now that we're involved, I've found I really, really like him. I love his acidic sense of humor.

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I love to listen to his comedic stories of his workplace. He keeps me in stitches laughing, then he peels every stitch off of me ever-so deliberately, like he knows he's supposed to be there. Unlike the way he talks of love and relationships, all cool and like he doesn't really care, he makes love like he means it. He is so passionate and really wants to please. For him, it really is mental. He is satisfied by knowing he can satisfy me like no one else can or has.

He'll allow himself to lose his cool for very short spells. Then he's back to his super cool act. He knows I can see through the cool exterior, but he also knows I'm not going to push him through thi s relationship. I told him I'll just enjoy him for however long and I think he likes that. I like the fact that he's kinda macho, a man's man, you know?


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Masculinity is a turn-on for us Taurus women, because we can be controlling. It feels good to have someone we can count on take the lead on some things. It gives us a chance to let our hair down and bask in our femininity. I compliment him a lot on how much fun he is and how sexy a lover he is. I think I want this to last. I think I'm falling for him. I'm really enjoying myself and I think he enjoys me too. I think about him all the time. Taurus in love with Mr. That's a first. Mmmm Hmmmm. I am a Gemini male and I'm madly in love or infatuated with a Taurus girl.

Don't know why I became interested in her in the first place However, her slow tendency to change such as committing to a relationship with me overran my patience and I asked some foolish but dead serious questions about us - she exploded and told me she liked me less..

The Taurus man: Love, Sex, Friendship, Style

I'm a Gemini man and have recently met a Taurus woman. I remember vividly how our relationship blossomed - and have been on a constant quest since then to find another relationship that would have the chance to blossom in a similar fashion. I never had a chance to understand what culminated the argument - she initiated the argument on her own accord while I was on the receiving end wondering what exactly I did wrong.

I am also rather scared of this relationship, but not because I am afraid of settling down. I want nothing more than to find the right woman and build a life with her. I am scared because I am unsure how much I am willing to change. I am willing to change a lot though, because I am aware that it is good for me to do so, but I am afraid of losing who I am as a human being in the process - a quality, of course, that I would never take from her.

I am also afraid that it will not blossom at all, and I simply will turn myself off from relationships because I am becoming "bored" with searching and wondering when my time will come. I want a soul mate, and do not feel like shuffling through the deck to find her for the rest of my life. I want t o spend my life with my soul mate, not just the last years of it.

I tend to occupy myself more with activities that keep me busy at home - as does she, she says anyway, but she has yet to exhibit this quality in the way her horoscope explains. I do notice her being impulsively critical of certain things I do - I usually turn it into a joke. I am a musician who writes and records his own music - she greatly admires this quality as well. I compliment her in an honest way - I don't try to woo her. I you understand more about how these things work at my age, and that is a value that I also hold for myself in relationships.

I'd like to see this go the way of my first Taurus, minus the bitter ending. I am willing to work and the make the changes required to have an even deeper connection with her. I understand her flaws and appreciate them with all I have, but I sometimes feel she'll have a more difficult time accepting mine. I feel that I will not be able to accept this lack of mutuality if it does in fact manifest itself.

I knew her previously to what we share now and this was not possible then. I sincerely hope we can build something grand. I've done much research, most of what is possible online, and the signs seem to point towards a great path for both of us, but there are also negative points. I'm not sure what this means, or if one will be a greater factor in our relationship than the other. I can say that there are exponentially more positives than negatives. I am a Taurus woman, Gemini can be the most loving and confusing of men.

My relationship with the man that I love so very much was not to allowed to grow for religious division. All I can say is true religion is the love that we should have for one another on this earth. My loss is with me deeply and profoundly. Gemini is a wise, beautiful, witty, exasperating rollercoaster of a ride. I am happy to have taken the ride with him. I just wish it could have been forever. I am a Taurus Woman in a relationship with a Gemini man. Oh boy, It is a struggle because we are truly very different.

And it's funny in a way how everyone of y'all Taurus women out there feels the same way, yet we can't stop falling for them. I believe that there is a reason for that, maybe we do need someone who will spice up our world a little, and trust me ladies even if it takes them long to commit or find some kind of peace with themselves, at the end of the day they will turn to us. Like most of y'all out there they do wanna settle someday and when they do it'll most likely be with a Taurus woman. A Gemini man can make us go crazy, there will be many battles to fight but their way of being is also a mystery to us, that makes us feel attracted to them.

A Gemini man feels probably attracted to a Taurus woman too because of the way we are, they know that they will drive us crazy but kind of enjoys it, and no matter what they do they know that if there's any woman who will love them unconditionally for who they are and what they do, it'll be a Taurus woman. A man just want security, so what if he flirts a little, telling them wont make them stop it'll only push them away.

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I am in a relationship with a Gemini man of 2 years now, I am also pregnant with our first baby and things are wonderful. It do happens ladies, oh and did a tell you he's black and I'm white, that's a whole other topic. You can always speculate of what's wrong or right but to much of that will leave you waiting for mr. Whatever makes you happy is what matters the most. Black, white, Gemini Taurus it's all about respect, compromising and love.

But who knows maybe I was lucky. Hang in there me fellow taurean women, a Gemini man ain't that bad. He just don't get it YET. I am a Gemini man and I Have been dating a Taurus woman off and on for 6 years. I am strangely in love with this woman. I found out that she had lived her life as a lesbian before me.

She didn't tell me, someone else did. She did confess though. Anyway, she is very stubborn and untrusting of men, period. We met on business and then our attraction was more than either of us expected. I love her but just like I might two sides to my personality, she does also. Maybe that's why I am so attracted, because of the other life that I feel she has.

She is very jealous and insecure, but very loving and caring. I know I drive her crazy, but it's no cakewalk for me either. But what can I say I love her. However this thing turns out. I will never forget her I'm a Gemini male who split up with my Taurus ex-girlfriend about months ago just short of our 2nd anniversary. I understand the mutual attraction that most have talked about on this board a sort of 'chemistry' as she once called it in the early days , and it is certainly to do with our different approaches.

But I'm not sure those two different approaches can be reconciled in the long term, even if it is what marks the relationship out as being fun and exciting for a while. After all, a little bit of tension is always necessary for attraction to flourish otherwise you may as well just be friends. I'm not suggesting that she is artificial, far from it.

The point is that it is in her nature to be so, and it doesn't sit well with the Gemini male who is more spontaneous and carefree, and believes that deeply rooted love and affection of the lasting kind simply cannot be forced. I felt as though the longer the relationship went on, the less my feelings were being understood, or were even being thought of as part of the equation, and the more hers became dominant. Double-standards became standard if you insist something should be a certain a way with us, why is your best friend a sleazy womanizer Scorpio!!

I want my woman to be my equal but it almost felt at times that she wanted to act the passive female and I was the one who should take charge and 'make our destiny'! I could talk for ever about this. It's nice to get it off my chest. And yet, I still miss her and there is a part of me that still loves her. I would want to try again with her, but not in a capacity where I felt I had to 'teach' her my point of view.

I would rather she could be a bit more discerning, sensitive and empathetic. I don't know if Taurus women, with all due respect, display such attributes in the same mould and complexity as the Gemini male mind. Im a Taurus female and have been involved with a Gemini man for only 8 months but it feels like 8 years. The first 3 months were like a scene out of a love story, he was sweet, charming , and not a day went by he didn't tell me how sexy and beautiful I am.

He would call and text every moment he had free and just as fast as it began it left. The calls stopped when ever I called he would have to call me back, his cell phone was always ringing and it was like pulling teeth for him to come by and see me. I felt he was getting bored so I even tried an open relationship, he was not having it, I felt trapped and I just wanted thing to go back to the way they used to be, broken promises, and lie after lie.

I called it quits a month ago but he still calls saying how much he messed up and wants me back, it took a lot of will power but when I break I break! To the girl who's having probs with Gemini guy, been there done that, try Taurus guy, they wonderful in every way ;. I am a Taurus woman who just never got with a Gemini man. I just ended my engagement with a Taurus man, his anger was the worst.

I am not this way. I love spontaneity. I love trying new things and this Gemini loves that too. Taurus girl ha its me! I did like a Gemini guy in my life and he s the only guy I have ever loved till now. Dunno how I fell but I just did in time. I used to feel he was so much into me, but by the time I was in, he was out! Commitment question shattered my dreams, for me love is very much the same as un conditional commitment but not for him.

I feel we still r connected mentally but now I feel its all just a illusion! I still honestly love him inside, and do pray to god to give him the best in his life. Though am shattered have collected the pieces of my broken heart and trying to move on into a more stable strong place in life. Though we were in love for only 4 months I got attached too much in short time! Though it was not anything more than talking, caring for each other, giving each other treats I still felt we were so attached.

One thing I advise to my fellow women is, when it the end the way he so easily comes out of it when you r still limping kil ls you but he s not you're guy girl!! Never make tis mistake of fallin for a Gemini guy instead I ll go for a Scorpio as my life partner who can support my passion understand my different outlook ,accept me as I am finally knows tat am really special: good luck. I'm happy for everyone who did find love with a Gemini man but for me it just wasn't right at all. We were just to different and the "two personality" thing that they have going on was just to much to handle. However when it happens I'm sure its magical.

Sometimes being different can make THE best love match.. Just not for me. To the woman who wrote about being in a interracial relationship, and being a Taurus woman with a Gemini man.. I think that's great, you go girl! It's all about respect for one another. And I wish you all the best.. Stay strong my Taurus women out there. Gemini guy is totally complicated, still thinks he s simple! Full of rubbish still thinks he s clean! Full of lies still thinks he s honest! Fully superficial still wants others to love him deep! Full of non sense still thinks others should be sensible! Girl pl love you're selves and let these selfish creatures live wit people as selfish as them.

Good luck. Everything will appear good in early days wit Gemini guys for taurean females in long run they will be trapped become victims! Girls pl suspect think love you're selves never fall for Gemini guys! Beware of them. I am in love with a Gemini in my class I m Taurus. He is sometimes so witty and funny. Sometimes he gets bored so easily and then just gets happy again its so confusing.

Okay I must admit it every time I see him talking to another girl I feel somewhat jealous but try to hide it when he looks at me. One day, I was not that good on hiding my jealousy, he say me and came over he started teasing me about being jealous. Gemini man here. I read some of what people said on here, and I really do think that Gemini men are misunderstood, and they need women that understand their personality and deal with them.

I love intellectual convos, but I like the same in return. I need a smart Taurus girl who is very understanding, and extremely patient. I know that would be the perfect match for both. I don't no what he want in a girl. I try to do everything but its never enough. Gemini men, we just can't resist them can we?? I'm a Taurus girl and I'm attracted to this Gemini boy in my school. Everyday its a rollercoaster, He'll be smiling and adoring one day and the next day he's quiet and bored with life.

I feel such a strong connection with him. My Gemini man makes me feel Different when I'm with him. Its true he's 'Flirtatious, witty, and charming. I dated a Gemini man for about 7 months I loved being with him when he was being sweet, but then his entire personality would flip and he would be so rude and sarcastic but then not understand why it made me angry because he was "just having fun".

I wanted to end things because his split personality and flirtatious nature drove me insane, but at the same time being without him made me miserable. Oh my God!! Believe just exactly the same thing happened to me word to word, I was in love for 6 months, he had dual personalities or more than tat! When I went total insane confused at him flirting a lot, taking me out but looking at other girl s!

I decided asked him what he was about? He said he likes me but he wants variety, and lots of freedom!! My heart cracked yes I heard it crack : before he play anymore I called it off. And saved myself. Good luck girls :. I have not seen one Gemini man stand up for him self on this page but its ok.

But in life I think every one haves there day. Its misunderstood for the most part one thing about Gemini people we have to be happy in an out. We love new things, trips, spending time with loved ones, ect. So there for people tend to get upset if they have to repeat the selves. Sorry but Gemini's are just that way. An hate to fall in love. Yes we can be very hard at times but in my since I think that's a way that we show are love. I think it should be 50 50 at all times if you love then you help no matter what.

Still we as humans will never fully understand the way we live but we try to make it a little easy on your other. I just wanted to free my mind for a little and let some of yall know that Gemini's are not always bad we are just misunderstood. I am a Taurus woman dating a Gemini man. We have been together 4 a month now.

And we might have our ups and downs here and there. And we have been close to breaking up almost 3 times already. But in the end we always go back to each other. I have a lot of guy friends and he doesn't like that. Its only been a month but I have truly learned to love him. I agree, life without a Gemini would never be the same, at least mine wouldn't. He makes me feel different I'm trying so hard not to loose him. The 1st two times we broke up he came back to me. But I don't want their to be a third.

A Gemini guy s like a innocent colourful bird: he s very pleasant to be wit very attractive nice! But being very ignorant of the fact of hurting its feeder emotion less innocent bird just flies off when it becomes bored! More than calling them bad its just the way they r! I strongly advise my fellow mother earth taurean girls just c them from distance enjoy their company nvr develop any love or attachment for these birds as its their nature to fly off!

Find a water sign to make a fertile paste : good luck. Hi everyone. Am a taurean girl. I have seen 3 Gemini guys very closely in my life! First two from my childhood day my buddies, last one in past 1 yr. I made the mistake of falling in love wit tat guy.

They can keep the personal peace. Even better, they do not have to fret over unexpected consequences or problems. No change equals security for the stubborn Taurus personality. For real domestic and relationship bliss, Taurus must learn to give in from time to time. The only thing worse in a Taurean than their discomfort of change is their comfort with stubborn! Cancer has to pull out all the stops to convince Taurus change is a good thing.

As emotive beings, Cancers learn to master the art of emotional persuasion early in life. Taurus and Cancer couples need to prevent the onset of a sedentary lifestyle. Both personalities have a desire to relax, unwind, and to be stationary. Cancer likes the relaxing emotions of stillness. Taurus loves stillness because it is the opposite of ever-changing action. Both personalities are pleasure seekers. A few years of the sedentary lifestyle and this couple needs a sectional couch. Because Taurus and Cancer will outgrow the loveseat! The love is one of deep, mutual affection in the Taurus and Cancer relationship.

A remarkable connection is possible because both parties are perceptive, sensitive, and compassionate. Love flourishes between Taurus and Cancer personalities. Since Taurus and Cancer are intimate, an intuitive connection also exists. Love blooms as fast and lovely as the wild rose in this romantic pairing. People outside of the relationship wonder what secret Taurus and Cancer hide? How can these two human beings find so much happiness when other relationships fail? They still fawn over each other like two amorous teens in love.

Cancer loves to take care of Taurus. Doting on Taurus allows for another form of emotional expression. Taurus sucks it up like their drinking the most delicious vintage wine ever made. Taurus is more than happy to return the favor. They offer Cancer a tender, warm embrace, and plenty of kisses.

Because they know Taurus is as honest as much as they demand honesty. As long as Cancer remains loyal, Taurus will stay their lover and protector. Sex is emotional and intense in the Taurus and Cancer love match. Taurus is a sensual being with Venus influencing behaviors. Cancer dives deep into emotional waters. They emerge from the watery depths with an intense passion and needs.

The friendship Taurus and Cancer develop triggers a better sexual connection. Movement from friends to lovers flows easy and natural. The importance of erotic pleasure for Taurus is at the forefront of what happens in the bedroom. The key to a successful sex life for this duo to attentiveness. Yes, Taurus wants their physical needs met. But, genuine emotions behind the physical sex act lends beauty to the encounter.

What does Taurus crave as much as sensual touch? Difficulties arise in the communication department, and this influences Taurus and Cancer compatibility. The problems occur when discussing finances and budgeting funds. Taurus is all about practicality. The Taurean temperament makes them frugal and a serious penny pincher.

Cancer might call their Taurean partner a miser! Cancer is an emotional buyer. If they are feeling down, they might shop to excess to get that shopping high. Impulse buying is also a problem for Cancer who allows emotions to rule the head. Taurus thinks of need versus desire. A Cancerian develops an emotional connection quick! As an adult, Cancer still wants to rescue everyone on the Island of Misfit Toys, no matter what the cost!

In the Taurus and Cancer match, this couple sees eye to eye on most things. They have similar values and long for similar things in life. They will talk to each other often to ensure they are working toward the same goal. Taurus will touch base with Cancer to see if they are in balance on an emotional level. Cancer checks in with Taurus to make sure they remain comfortable at all times. The Taurus and Cancer relationship is not perfect. Cancer is open to discussing the need for making change. It is a true Taurean that grows comfortable with discomfort and still refuses to change.

Cancers are needy on an emotional level. Taurus personalities are deliberate about addressing their wants. Cancer feels they cannot live without their Taurean love. The differences lie in focus on necessity versus desire. Cancer is more flexible than stubborn Taurus. But, Cancer becomes resentful if they always bend to the will of their bull-headed partner. It becomes necessary to develop a delicate give and take balance in the relationship. In astrology, every zodiac sign aligns with Yin or Yang forces.

The forces influence how a person behaves and interacts with the world. Yin energies are feminine. Yang energies are masculine. The feminine and masculine references are not gender. Instead, they are terms astrologers use to describe the nature of Yin and Yang energies. Yin is passive and receptive. Yang is active and aggressive. With a Taurus and Cancer relationship, both signs are Yin energies. Both signs are Yin energies. This means both parties are intuitive, sensitive, and open to one another. There was the sweet, caring guy I loved with all my heart. On those days, things were great.

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Then, there were the days when the other half of his personality was exposed. It was the side that was full of curiosity and totally bored with our relationship. Gemini can't be with the same person for too long, and this was unfortunately true for him. It can drive a Taurus woman crazy when she has to deal with two different people, and he thought I was insane for wanting a static relationship. Thanks astrology! Taurus are strong lovers, and we take offense to the "quickie. I never felt like we were on the same level intimately.

He wanted sexy, and I wanted sensual. It didn't take long before we realized we couldn't force the chemistry beneath the sheets. Taurus are fixated. We like to stay fixed on one person, place or thing. We are loyal to that one being, and so we expect the same amount of commitment in return. Geminis are multifaceted.

taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility
taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility Taurus girl and taurus boy love compatibility

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